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Offset’s Diamond Party Fit Puts All Other Birthday Suits to Shame

Offset’s birthday style is beyond over the top. Luckily, there’s a way to look this cool without spending millions on jewelry.

Praying the Gay Away, One Away Message at a Time

AOL Instant Messenger gave Andrew Richdale access to the anonymous strangers that helped him understand his sexuality. But some dangerous “support” lurked in AIM’s darker corners.

The 14 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week

GQ’s editors select the best brand spanking-new menswear, accessories, sneakers, and more from the last seven days worth blowing your disposable income on.

Let’s Lovingly Nitpick ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ to Death

Shameless Star Wars fanboy Drew Magary lays out the good and the bad of Episode VIII. Major spoilers to follow!

Now That Net Neutrality Is Gone, Corporations Are Already Reneging on Their Pledges for a Free Internet

It’s shocking that they won’t commit to not gouging their customers now that they’re allowed to gouge their customers.

What Bartenders Drink When There’s an Open Bar

There is beauty and terror in an open bar. Beauty, because of course an open bar is free, terror because of the challenge it presents.

‘Lady Bird’ and ‘Three Billboards’ Star Lucas Hedges Doesn’t Mind the Pressure

The 20-year-old breakout actor spoke to GQ about his winning streak of great movies.

When Is Star Wars Going to Kill the Millennium Falcon?

An ode to Star War’s greatest flying hunk of junk.

The "Gatorade" Air Jordan 6 Will Make You Feel "Like Mike" Once and For All

The Air Jordan 6 Green Suede drops later this month. These Gatorade-inspired kicks are a bold take on one of MJ’s most iconic sneakers.

Trump Judicial Nominee Stumped by Basic Legal Questions for Five Agonizing Minutes

A Trump judicial nominee was stumped by basic legal questions during his confirmation hearing, raising obvious questions about his qualifications for the job.