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Colbert Nabs The First Interview With Trump’s Russian Translator

Conducted through the translator’s own translator.

Stephen King Zings Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin With George Orwell Quote

The author picked a very specific line from “Animal Farm” to describe the two world leaders.

Celebrities Wing It In Hilarious Audition For ‘Batgirl’ On ‘Conan’

Hilary Swank let an impressive prop speak for her — an Oscar.

Cher’s Fabulous Journey From Camp Diva To Serious Actress And Back Again

In “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” Cher plays a heightened version of herself — and she’s in on the joke. Here’s why that’s significant.

Seth Meyers: ‘What Do You Mean You Can’t Protect Stupid?’

The “Late Night” host finds the humor in GOP lawmakers refusing to hold Trump accountable on Russia.

Jon Stewart Goes Full Hulk On Hollywood Boulevard

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Aaron Paul’s Daughter Wore The Cutest ‘Breaking Bad’ Costume At Comic-Con

Respirator and all.

Stephen Colbert Stages Emotional Intervention For Donald Trump Over Vladimir Putin

“We need you to hear some things.”

Trevor Noah To Media: Trump Will Answer If You Speak With Russian Accent

That way, the president will like you, quipped “The Daily Show” star.

‘Walking Dead’ Producer Gives Cryptic Tweet More Cryptic Response

“Walking Dead” executive producer David Alpert weighs in on all that Andrew Lincoln speculation.